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Tips For Home Moving With Pets

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Tips For Home Moving With Pets

Tips For Home Moving With Pets

Planning the logistics, looking for reliable movers, cleaning, decluttering and packing your stuffs in order to relocate and move to a new home can be very stressful without adding a pet into the mix.

Understanding the challenges, you might face while relocating with a pet and how to go around it is important if you want to make both your transition into the new environment seamless.

Just like humans our pets also face stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown especially when they are torn apart from the natural surroundings and the house they have known for quite a while or maybe all their life and thrown into a totally new place and new house.

So to better help you manage this situation, we will be giving you some helpful tips that can really go a long way in helping you keep your pets stress level low, making the move easy and smooth.

1. Keep old routines

A pet especially a dog is a creature of habit. If you keep doing something over and over again they will get used to it and begin seeing it as normal. They will easily get scared when this their world starts to change rapidly and crash therefore it is important you maintain the same general routine in order to reduce the number of changes he is experiencing this way you can curtail the stress level.

2. Keep your pet’s old things

I know moving means a lot of things for different people, for some it means starting afresh which also means doing away with the old things like a nasty fur covered old dog bed or an old looking water bowl but it is advisable you keep it at a minimum for now especially when it comes to toys, food or sleeping materials your dog or cat is already familiar with. Making drastic changes so fast and all together can really spook your pet.

3. Spend time with your pet

Even with how busy you might be planning, packing and cleaning It is important you make out time to spend with your pet and play. This way you can reassure him you are not going anywhere during especially this packing phase. After all, he is your best friend.

4. Contact your vet

Having a stressed, scared dog is one thing but having a stressed, scared and sick dog is a whole other thing that should not be experienced. So before you move out of the area, ensure you contact your vet to do a full checkup, stock up on prescription medicines and provide you the health records of your dog. This way the transition to a new vet in your new home would be made easier.

5. Pay a visit to the new house with your pet

Finally, it is important that you pay multiple visits to your new house with your pet before you make the final move. This way your pet can get familiar with its new surrounding and begin to get comfortable in it. This way when you finally make the move, it won’t be a totally new and strange place.

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