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Steps to Move a Fish Tank

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Steps to Move a Fish Tank

Steps to Move a Fish Tank

When relocating, moving your fish tank can be one of the most delicate and difficult things to do. You can’t simply unplug everything and move it in one go. With some cautious arranging, you can make the procedure a lot simpler on yourself, and ensure your fish remain upbeat amid the move.

Moving a fishtank safely: Before the move

Stage 1: Gather all the supplies you will need

There are things you need before you can move your fish tank, you have to gather them beforehand. Some of the things include a fishnet, new 5 gallon palls, a siphon hose, plastic bags, channel tape, an air packet wrap, and moving boxes.

Stage 2: Ready your fish for the move

Fish are delicate creatures. When you make your move sudden, chances are, the fish might panic which may eventually kill them. The trick is to stop feeding your fish 24 – 48 hours before your move to ensure they rid of their waste. Fish can go up to seven days without feeding so they can survive long distances with ease.

For little fish, place them into plastic baggies alongside water from the tank if your destination is less than an hour away. Use a strong case or cooler to prevent them from dropping to the floor in case they manage to break out.

Bigger fish should be transported in expansive cans that are in perfect condition and haven’t been utilized to store any cruel synthetic compounds. You first have to fill the cans with water from the tank before adding your fish. The maximum number should be 3 fish per can.

Stage 3: Clean up the Fish Tank

Firstly, you have to unplug everything, the pump, the plants and everything inside the tank. Using water from the tank, place the plants into another different container. Afterward, you will have to pack up all the other stuff from the fish tank including the lights, siphon pipe, and any other necessary equipment.

Stage 4: Drain the water

If there is some water left in the tank, you will have to drain it. The standard tool for draining your fish tank is a siphon horse. If you have a container, don’t replace or throw away the water, you can use it in your new setup. This will make it easier on the fish as it helps with stress reduction on their part. Use 5-gallon containers to transport the water from your tank.

Moving a fishtank safely: Before the move

Stage 5: Move the tank

If you want to ensure the safety of your tank, then take the extra burden and move it yourself in your car if it fits. If you can’t fit the tank in your vehicle, ensure you let your movers realize that your tank is extremely delicate and make sure they include some extras to ensure it’s complete safety.

After you are done moving the tank, the last step would be to get everything set up. It’s important to first do the setup before putting the fish back into the tank as this makes them less stressed.

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