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Know How To Move Fridge Without Any Damage

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Know How To Move Fridge Without Any Damage

Know How To Move Fridge Without Any Damage

If you are about to move, you need to consider the heavy items that you are moving to your place. Moving heavy things like fridge is a challenging task. However, a little planning can help you to move your fridge safely and securely with no damages.

Following tips will let you know how to move a fridge without damages.

    • Empty the Fridge

You need to take out the items in your fridge. You should make sure to free up both your freezer and refrigerator. If it contains perishable foods, you should either give them away or finish eating them. An empty fridge would be lighter and hence moving it would be easy.

    • Remove the Glass Shelves

People would remember to empty the fridge, but they fail to remove the glass shelves inside it. If you do not remove the glass shelves, then they can bounce around during transit and may be broken or damaged. If it happens, you have to pay for the new pair of shelves. At the same time, if you have removed the glass shelves, you do not need to worry about the breaks or damages.

    • Defrost It

If you find a handsome amount of frost in the freezer, then you should defrost it before moving the fridge. As you all know that defrosting demands 6 to 8 hours for the completion, so make sure you have that much time for the process. It is better to defrost the freezer night before your move.

    • Secure the Doors

You should close and secure the doors using a rope. If your fridge has a double-door, then tie the door handles with a rope. You should not tie the door handles too tight, as the alignment of the handles may be pulled out. Do not use tape for closing or securing the door as it may leave a residue on the door or damage the finishing of the door. If it is a long move, you need to keep the doors slightly open to let the air flow inside the fridge. This will prevent the formation of mildew or mold inside the fridge.

    • Get Some Assistance

Moving a fridge alone is difficult. You can hire reliable movers that can help you to move your fridge. You need to keep your fridge vertical when moving. You should not move your fridge on its back or side for any reason, because the oil in the compressor may flow into the cooling tubes. If needed be, you can consider using a moving dolly to ease your move. The moving dolly could handle the weight of the fridge.

    • Move It Gently

When moving down your fridge through the flight of stairs, you need to move it one step at a time rather than passing on the steps quickly. Two men should be in the front of the dolly and one at the back to ease the moving. You should use a truck bed to load your fridge into the truck.

Therefore, you have to follow these things to move your fridge without any damage.

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