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Helpful Cleaning Tips Before Moving

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Helpful Cleaning Tips Before Moving

Helpful Cleaning Tips Before Moving

Carrying out a full house cleaning and decluttering your home before moving can be stressful but it is very important to carry out this task even before you begin packing. This cleaning goes hand in hand with packing, the initial cleaning prepares you to start packing this way you can be rest assured that you are only packing what is still useful to you and not simply moving into your new home with lots of garbage that are no longer useful to you and should have been thrown out a long time ago.

But this task is not an easy one and can easily become overwhelming if not done the right way. In this article, we will be giving some useful tips and tricks that can really help you accomplish total cleaning and decluttering very efficiently.

Understand the Different Stages

Understanding that you cannot carry out all the cleaning at ones is important, instead it is divided into three stages and you can start the initial stage weeks before you even move, this way you gradually go through it without stress or a need to rush in order to meet a deadline:

1. Cleaning Before Packing
The first stage involves cleaning before you start packing, during this time you will focus on doing the laundries, doing the dishes and basically washing out everything you will be moving. You will also be removing anything you find is no longer of use to you, taking a stock of all you have in possession, the role they should play and how you wish them to fit in your new home.

2. Cleaning While Packing
After the initial stage of taking stocks, you want to start moving them into boxes and labeling them accordingly. During this time, you already have an idea of what you would like to move with you, what you would be donating to charity and other things you would trash. You accomplish all these while carrying out your organized packing and labelling. One of the most important room to focus on decluttering and cleaning is your kitchen and your bathroom. You will need to properly pack up breakable items, sanitize cooking utensils and basically wipe down the kitchen to ensure it is neat. So also goes for the bathroom. Washing and disinfecting is important.

3. Cleaning After Packing
Once the professional movers arrive and start storing your stuffs in the pickup and delivery truck, you will basically be left in a house striped of all furniture’s and left bare. Much of the cleaning such as a final wipe down of the house, floors, cupboards and all can only be done during this time. But with the gradual process you have followed from stage 1 to this final stage, the wipe down would be easier and quicker to accomplish.

Important Things to Note While Cleaning

  • Tackle one room at a time and only move to the next once you are done.
  • Space out the various cleaning stages, this way you can have time to relax and catch your breath.
  • Don’t procrastinate or allow your cleaning build up too close to your moving day, you can easily get overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • Label everything in details so you can easily know what’s within a box without first needing to open it.
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