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Easy Unpacking Hacks After Moving!

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Easy Unpacking Hacks After Moving!

Easy Unpacking Hacks After Moving!

The excitement and adventure vibes that come with packing and calling your local movers in order to help you move your things to a totally new location is one thing but unpacking your stuff when you get there is something else entirely. Suddenly you are faced with an empty house filled with boxes on top boxes of your stuff. Where do you start, how do you start and when will you be able to complete it?

These questions keep on racing all around in your mind bringing in fear, laziness and leading to you procrastinating the inevitable for as long as possible.

But what if I tell you there are ways to make unpacking easier for you. These unpacking hacks can help you easily complete your unpacking, fitting, arranging and designing of your new home really fast and in record time.

1. Remember to take pictures before you start packing
This is the easiest way to help you plan ahead and stay organized. Having an image of what exactly you are trying to replicate, not only in your mind but physically also through pictures will go a long way in helping you accomplish quickly. This way you can visually see where every piece of furniture, vase, cutlery, drapes, and rugs should be thereby ensuring you don’t get confused along the way while trying to replicate that old look in your new home.

2. Always remember to label the boxes
One of the scariest things about unpacking is sitting in the middle of a mountain of boxes all having the same color and shape with no label or marking to tell them apart or tell you what is within each of them. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, you can save both money, time and the headache it causes by simply labeling each of the boxes. This way you can easily know the contents of a box without the need of first opening it to see.

3. Always organize your packing
Adding labels to a box is one thing but that plan won’t work if you just randomly throw stuff into boxes and seal them. Ensuring you pack methodically by bringing all items located in a part of your house together. For example, you shouldn’t have a hammer or a wrench mixed up with your kitchen utensils. By packing items only from the same room inside a box you can make your life easier so instead of having a mountain of boxes all located in the living room, you can each located in the designated room for it. That way your job has been made much easier. However, you only want to unpack room at a time and only move on to the next room once you are finished with the present.

4. Unpack your bathrooms and bedrooms first, leave the kitchen for later
Once the excitement of adrenaline pump of moving to a new place dies down you are going to feel very exhausted and you will need rest. Ensuring you start your unpacking from the bedrooms and bathrooms will ensure you have a bed and a room to place your head when that exhaustion finally comes.

You also want to unpack your bathroom boxes too. This way you can have all the toiletries, medications and first aid you need. Kitchens, however, are the most time intensive and strength consuming room to unpack, so save that for later once you have had a good night rest.

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