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Driver Removal From Our Platform

Move It Now reserves the right to remove any driver for the following breaches of our service policy

1.Three customer complaints in less than one year. Examples include but are not limited to: Being late to a booking, not showing up to a booking you accepted, damaging an item, insulting/disrespecting a customer.

2.An average customer feedback score of less than 4.0 out of 5.0.

3.Being abusive or disrespectful to our customer support team.

4.Manipulating the price in any way that would cause a customer to pay more than they should have paid.

5.Failure to report an accident or customer complaint.

6.Writing negative reviews or comments online. If you have any issues contact us.

7.More than two charge backs from customers. (this is when a customer calls their credit card company to dispute charges on their card).

8.Violating any terms of the Delivery Professionals agreement.

9.Any illegal activities.

10.Three cancellations within a 30 day time period.

11.Allowing a customer to travel in your vehicle.

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