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About Us

Move It Now

As customers demand faster delivery and less wait time for their items, retailers and wholesalers must adapt and deliver products and services like never before. Our dedicated team at Move It Now has been working diligently to develop modern transportation solutions for homes and businesses which buy, sell or move bulky items including furniture, bedding, appliances, electronics, household items and much more. We have successfully created a platform to seamlessly connect car, van & truck owners with customers who need help with the cumbersome and ungrateful task of moving items from store to home or place to place. By partnering with Move It Now, our customers can save more than 50% on delivery costs compared to traditional delivery services. Thanks to our proprietary technology and the power of a growing team of driver professionals, we can offer our business partners the ability to take complete control of their deliveries in real-time, on demand.

Our two primary goals are to improve the delivery experience for customers and create a primary source of income for car, van and truck owners. Move It Now mission is to empower people to help people by utilizing their cars, vans and trucks. Move It Now Driver Professionals are independent contractors who earn money using their own vehicles and lending a hand to people in their local communities who need their help. All Move It Now driver professionals must pass a background check and are fully insured for vehicle, public liability and goods-in-transit to protect the items that we are carrying for our customers.

The company is based in Melbourne, Australia with branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and plans to expand internationally.